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Remember that mountain you've always wanted to climb? Tempera will not Ancient civilization? Explore the man-made Lakes, Temples and 60m high solid brick Dagobas (Buddhist Shrines) of the ancient capitals of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa


Breath you take in a beautiful beach around the tropical island Sri Lanka


Explore the The Esala Perahera in Kandy is one of the oldest and grandest of all Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka

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srilankaSri Lanka unfurls before the senses as soon you arrive: the heavy warm air, the endless array of rich green foliage, the luxuriant swirls of the Sinhalese alphabet, the multi colored Buddhist flags, and the variety of saris, fruots, jewelry and spices on sale in the markets. Sri Lankan festivals announce themselves with multicolored lights strung over town clock towers and bazaar alleys. The sky turns deepest thundercloud black before a replenishing downpour fills the hundreds of lakes and rivers. Marco polo thought Sri Lanka was the finest island of its size in the entire world.

The island hangs like a pendant from the ear of India, physically and culturally. The main languages and religions were inherited from India, but Sri Lanka’s culture and society have unique, distinct qualities. The island became a strong hold of Buddhism when that faith faded in its homeland 1000 years ago, and it was a bastion of Tamil, Hindu culture when Muslim invaders threatened Tamil on the other side of the Palk Strait. The island has a longer history of western rule than any other Asian country its size. Sign of Portuguese, Dutch and British influences linger in institutions such as churches, tea states and forts, as well as in popular folk tunes, food and alcohol, and even the easy listening classic rock played on the radio.

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Cultural Tours

 Sri Lanka has always been known for its rich history and culture, which have collectively given it a distinct character. From ancient cities and historic...

Beach Tours Sri Lanka

  Sri Lanka has become a major spot for watching whales and dolphins. Sri Lanka is situated within international whaling commission’s protected zone in the...

Camping Tours

 Camping in Sri Lanka can be an exhilarating experience. We will provide you a home out in the wilderness and make sure that you have...

Safari Tours

  Safari Tours Tour in Sri Lanka can be an exhilarating experience. We will provide you a home out in the wilderness and make sure...

Photography Tours

  The Sri Lanka Photography Tour is designed to bring you to the main attractions of the destination at the optimal times for photography. Sri...

Bird Watching Tour

Sri Lanka is a true paradise for bird lovers and Ornithologists and probably the best place in the world to watch birds. Sri Lanka has...

Cycling Tours

Experience the ultimate joy with a bicycle tour around the island. We handpick the most scenic biking routes. Our biking trip leaders know the least...

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  Special Tour Package, Allow you to choose your travel path. Choosing your travel company is the single most important decision you will make as...

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